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This is about featuring your site, brand, product or whatever you got on the reputable sites via our guest post service, where you can manually adding sites to the cart from contega guest post vault just like buying corn flakes in the grocery across your street. The thing is that nobody reads introduction chapters anyway, so you may skip that part straight to guest post price list, and start picking high trusted sites to begin your link building campaign. In case if you’re wondering regarding our features and juicy details, then keep reading till the end to be 132% sure regarding our service.

All required features with 50% prepaid

There are not so many guest blogging services on the market right now, so all that features like picking sites from price table, contextual links, relevant content, real traffic from engaged users, no PBN and so on are pervasive. All that no links in the bio and great looking manually outreached sites we’re successfully providing just like other lads in the niche. Therefore, when we’re saying different, then it must be a real feature, like 50% prepaid instead of full payment, right? How about that, Elon Musk?


Approve your future post before publication

We’re glad to present the 2-side content approval feature, which means you’ll be able to have a look at your article post before the publication. Nobody does that because it requires a lot of time, but we believe that It will make you 133% satisfied with our service, so as the last nail in the coffin - send us a proof that some other guest post service is offering 2 side content approval and we’ll give you an exclusive 17% discount on any order. Sounds self-assured, isn’t it?

Find full URL’s in the price table

We’re separating genuine guest post on the folk's blogs from article publications on the high authority sites. Long story short: а guest post in his origin it’s a post on a real personal blog with an average engagement of visitors nearby 5-10K per month (organic traffic via ahrefs) when publication on the reputable online magazine is usually a post on the site with 50K> monthly estimate visitors. The following numbers are described as an example, so you to know the difference between some mommyblog guest post and publication on the authority web magazine like the entrepreneur. The thing is, that with our guest post service you can see the full URL of offered high-authority publication opportunity when the guest post blogs are hidden to prevent the bloggers we work with from being spammed.


Not another one affiliate program

The last, but not the least, we’re working hard right now on the affiliate reseller program for our guest posting service that will be actually used because of its efficiency and profitability. We’re all bored with some shady, hardly reasonable reselling offers with unclear earnings contacting, so, in our contega affiliate program, we’ll implement the crystal clear traction of your referrals and future earnings via personal accounts and other features that will be announced in the nearest future.

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