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Proficient Link Builder

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Proficient Link Builder

Our company is looking for a reliable linkbinder for pumping the reference profiles of USA projects on topics: crypto, software and small business. The work is on a remote basis, so we are looking for a candidate responsible for deadlines and with knowledge of the matter.

Requirements for a candidate:

  • knowledge of English is above average;
  • presence of a portfolio with examples of past works;
  • be in touch at a certain time;
  • ability to work with search operators allinurl, allintext and others;
  • understanding the principles and the difference between white hat and black hat seo;
  • the use of non-standard techniques of obtaining links.


Selection and building on the sites according to the criteria of the TOR for the following types of building:

  • Crowd marketing;
  • Blog-comments with link in the body of the post;
  • Directories and sites for local seo;
  • Blogs with the possibility of self-publishing.

From our side:

Tea, coffee and cookies are not predictable, but we guarantee a loyal attitude, adequate TK, time frames and timely payment.

Please attach to the resume examples of previous works with the required stat (link type, DR / UR and etc), as well as the desired level of wages.

If you have any questions, please contact us via Telagram @contega or with a contact form.

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